How's The Market?

How's the Market: Patricia Oxman's Marin Real Estate Market Report

It's different here.
Several factors make Marin real estate a unique market:

All real estate is local.
First, Marin is not a single market. Instead, Marin is made up of price segments that perform very differently. To assume otherwise is to be wrong at every price point. Click on my 3 Year Trend Report to see this reality in action.

Limited supply makes Marin different.
Second, don't be fooled by national real estate news. Marin County, where our supply/demand ratio is controlled by a no-growth policy, performs very differently from Vallejo, Sacramento, and certainly Nevada, Arizona, and Florida where expanding development has compounded their real estate devaluation.

We update our How's The Market Narrative regularly so you can get timely, specific local Marin real estate news. Equipped with our real estate information, you'll be the most knowledgable person in the room and leave the national confusion to others.

What's my home worth today?
This question is on the minds of most of us, even when we have no immediate intention of selling. You won't get a good answer from web sites like Zillow, which rely on cost-per-square foot calculations, and ignore the most critical factors that determine your home's worth: location and condition.

How can I help?
In two ways. If you would like to review recent sales in your immediate neighborhood, I am happy to send you that information right away. If you need a more accurate assessment of your home's current value, let's meet so I can determine all the relevant factors that go into pricing your home.

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